Patrice Shannon Emmy Winning Film and Television Editor with Offices in Washington, DC and Sarasota, Florida

mobile: 703-732-2096

Experienced free-lance film and video editor with offices in Washington, DC and Sarasota, Florida, offering services to Ad Agencies, Post Production Companies and Independent Filmmakers.


My edit suite is completely mobile. I can edit at my facility or yours.


I love telling stories! I have more than 20 years experience editing short and long form: Documentaries, travel, children's programs, promos, commercials and corporate.


    Extreme Cave Diving

    PBS Nova & National Geographic

    A team of fearless scientists explore Bahamas Blue Holes.  These liquid time capsules are stunning and treacherous windows into the past.

    The Health of Our Oceans

    Renowned Marine Biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle reveals why the dual threats of ocean pollution and overfishing could have a devastating impact on mankind.

    The Art of Richard Thompson

    In 2009 the legendary cartoonist Richard Thompson was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, forcing him to retire.  This moving portrait will delight you with the sheer beauty of his work.

    Crimes Against Nature

    National Geographic Channel

    In a series of sting operations undercover agents infiltrate the dangerous illegal wildlife trade in Thailand, saving dozens of animals from extinction and busting crime boss traffickers.

    Sharks of the Coral Canyon

    PB& The Living Oceans Foundation

    Scientists explore how two of the most threatened animals in the ocean, sharks and coral, depend on one another to survive.  Divers venture into ferocious ocean currents to reveal first time ever footage of sharks hunting at night.

    Treasure Quest

    Discovery Channel

    The international intrigue of deep sea hunting unearths a legendary WWII U-boat buried for decades at the bottom of the English Channel. or call: 703-732-2096